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Song of the Day: 11/29/11

Biffy ClyroMountains


I gave Biffy Clyro and attentive listen for the very first time yesterday, and I was honestly blown away. For some reason, something, possibly the name, possibly the shirtless live performances, possibly the name, just turned me off. I have actually watched them play live several times at festival appearances while quickly glancing at Palladia, and I did find myself watching it through to the end. However, I have no explanation whatsoever as to why I’ve completely written them off until now.


Their most recent release, Only Revolutions, is chock full of anthemic rock songs. To be honest, I love when I can hear hints of an accent in a singers voice, and the Scottish drawl of singer/guitarist Simon Neil shines through here, full of passion. The album balances well between harder, faster paced songs and ballad type offerings. It is gritty at times and and crystal clear at others. The dichotomy just works, and this comes from a person who doesn’t really like when a band who can rock slows it down.


In closing, to quote myself from a mere paragraph ago, “…I have no explanation whatsoever as to why I’ve completely written them off until now.” I’ve got some catching up to do!


Below is a live video for Mountains, from their Live at Wembley DVD.

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Song of the Day: 11.22.11

I hatched this brainchild on my way home from work today. I figure, I hear at LEAST one song a day that makes me perk up and say, why the hell haven’t I been listening to this song on repeat?!?! Hopefully you will benefit from my personal moments of realization.


Todays inaugural installment comes courtesy of Pulled Apart By Horses, with their track Moonlit Talons. The song appears on their self titled debut full-length, released in 2010. Raw, aggressive, loud. Enjoy below…






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