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Enter Shikari // Album Teaser

And the early contender for album of the year in 2012 IS… Enter Shikari!


I had high expectations for these lads, ever since I first came across the Common Dreads about 2 years ago. I then went back and listened to their debut, Take to the Skies, and I could see that they were band heading in the right direction. All to often you see a band stay within the same mold, never breaking out of it and never really progressing in a way that shows musical growth and maturity. Enter Shikari is NOT that band. With everything they release, they ALWAYS sound better. They have always done it on their own terms and have always stayed true to themselves.


I can go on, and on, and on, but I’ll save that for the review that will follow the January 16th, 2012 release of A Flash Flood of Colour. Here’s an album teaser the boys released today, as well as a few of the tracks that have been fully released. This record will blow minds.



Ghandi Mate, Ghandi




Quelle Surprise







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