Cars on Fire//New Album Sampler

I came into contact with Cars on Fire about a year ago, when I got my hands on their 2009 release Dig Your Own Grave. It is still in heavy rotation on my iPod, as the 7 song effort NEVER gets old. I actually find it refreshing each time it shuffles through my collection of tunes while driving, and I always find myself reaching for the dial to crank it up a few extra notches. It is a record best served loud, and it will either make you want to party and/or destroy something.

Now, for the reason we’ve gathered here. Cars on Fire have a new release coming out in 2012, and they’ve released a sampler video for the next collection of songs. As far as I know, the release date is still to be determined. I’ve had a little contact with the band via their Twitter account (@carsonfireband) regarding this, and they let me know that they’ve encountered a few setbacks with the new record and they are “just trying to finalise some things but as soon as we have any news we’ll put it up on here”, so stay tuned to that.


This is going to be an awesome release, and will probably find it’s way onto my Best Of list as the new songs sound even better than the now 3 year old Dig Your Own Grave material.

The video is below. Check it out and SHARE it with as many people as you possibly can, because music this good needs to be heard!

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