It’s Been Real // Thrice and Thursday

Yesterday, Thrice. Today, Thursday. Two bands that have been very influential to myself and countless others, are both done in the capacity in which we have become accustomed. Both bands have put out seminal records within their careers, each with a record that had a huge impact on me.


As for Thursday, I hadn’t even heard of them until a bargain bin CD sale in the Central Michigan University computer store put me into sonic contact with War All The Time. That album was amazing then, and it still gives me chills to this day. I had never heard vocals like Geoff Rickly’s. He has a voice that can really find it’s way into your soul, and he will always have one of the most unique voices in music.


As for Thrice, I had heard samples of their previous recordings, but it wasn’t until Vheissu was released in 2005 that my music world was overturned. Up until that point, I had listened to heavy music, but I had NEVER heard anything with so much passion. It was influential in more ways than I can even count, most prominently in the way I play guitar and even the way I listened and still listen to music. That record was massive, and I can say without a doubt, that Vheissu is one of the best records of all time.


I will miss them both, but knowing they have left in their wake such a beautiful body of work is comforting not only for myself, but for future generations of music lovers to discover. Thank you for all the art you’ve laid upon the world; your reasons to stop are most admirable and I think I can speak for many by saying that we will never stop listening.


Take a minute and read both statements from both bands by following the links below. Then, find your way to the bottom to check out a favorite song from both of the aforementioned albums.


Statement from Thrice’s Dustin Kensrue

Statement from Thursday


Here is Music Box, one of my favorite tracks from Vheissu.


And here is Division Street, one of my favorites from War All The Time.

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