I’m Back… And here’s a new band for ya.

Well, it’s been a while. For one reason or another, I have neglected to write about the music I listen to. I have discovered many a new band as well as the new releases from bands that I’ve loved for a long time. I just haven’t written about them, so I apologize for the lull. I plan to start writing more to show you all what I have been able to pull from the musical soil.


I just found this band the other day while floating through last.fm. If you know anything about my musical tastes, I tend to gravitate towards the interesting, to say the least. I enjoy being surprised by a song and the turns it takes while coming to a completion. The band Kiss Kiss does this for me, and their most release, The Meek Shall Inherit What’s Left, is quite a work of art. Vocally, it reminds me of what I always want Geoff Rickly from Thursday to sound like if he were really release his voice. Musically, it has that avant-garde feel without being to incomprehensible.


This album came out in 2009, and even after some extensive research, I am not sure if they are still a band. I do know there was a side project that was created, but I wouldn’t rule out any future tunes from Kiss Kiss. At least, I hope not.


Enjoy the video for the song, All They Draw.


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