letlive. is one of the most amazing bands I have come across in the last few years, its as simple as that. I bought their latest release, Fake History, back this last summer after stumbling across them during one of my marathon weekend searches, and instantly felt a connection with everything they stood for. There is just so much passion and intensity that shines throughout the album that it is impossible not to feel something, regardless of whether or not its your cup of tea. Still to this day, each time I listen to it I can’t resist listening to it from front to back. Every listen still produces chills within in me, and every time I find something else to love about each song and the band as a whole. It is such a refreshing sound and it feels so good to know that true bands still exist out there for people to lose themselves in.


They have been grinding it out in the LA scene for a few years now, and it is their hardcore/punk ethic and pure devotion to their craft that got them noticed by Epitaph Records, who recently signed the band. They are set to re-release their 3rd full length album, Fake History, on April 12th, 2011. In addition to the already perfectly crafted 11 tracks, the re-release will include 3 brand new tracks.


Check out the video for the song, “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion”…



Also, check out the Epitaph site for related information…




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