The Human Abstract Album Sampler

The Human Abstract, in their new/old incarnation, have released a 2:22 video with several samples from the upcoming album “Digital Veil“. This album promises to be amazing, as the work resulting from adding new vocalist Travis Richter and reuniting with former guitarist A.J. Minette has them sounding better than they have on previous efforts, in my opinion.


I got into The Human Abstract a little late, as I was introduced to them through my best friend in college. However, I did finally lend them my ear and I was hooked on their most recent release, Midheaven about a year after its initial release. There were some great songs on that album, but I always felt they were a bit hindered by their vocalist at the time. As great as his was for the band at that time, I feel they will truly progress with the new lineup. When they released the single, Faust, in November of 2010, I knew they would be a band to watch this year.


Digital Veil will be released via E1 on March 8th (two days before my birthday, I might add), and it is one that I am looking VERY forward to. Especially after watching the album sampler below…!/humanabstract


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