The Social Network

I finally watched The Social Network tonight. Me and the wife grabbed it from Redbox on the way home, and I must say I was excited to watch it. I figured it would be a good movie, which it was, but I was more interested in seeing the inside aspect of the company and where it established its roots seeing as I started my account around when the company was getting started.


This is just a quick commentary on how I got introduced to Facebook and what I see it as today. My first encounter with social networking was through MySpace; my band at the time, DNature, had an account based on our singer’s awareness of the website. I used that for a while, until my best friends girlfriend at the time told us to check out Facebook. “It’s like MySpace, for college kids…”, she would say. I created an account, using my email address and the rest really is history. I’ve been checking it multiple times a day ever since.


I think the movie did a good job showing the word of mouth phenomenon that Facebook was, because it reminded me of my introduction to it. I like when movies are able to elicit such a response. Thats what the point of film is, essentially, and on the same token hat is a purpose that music serves. Granted, you are watching or listening for the right reasons. I digress…


Facebook has connected me with many people over the years; old friends, current friends, college friends and classmates, clients, and most importantly, my wife. We were friends in high school, and I always thought of her as “the kind of girl you marry” and I knew that one day, if ever given the chance, I would take advantage of that situation. Well, when our paths began crossing, and eventually crossing through a Facebook chat in the late hours of a Sunday evening in February, I found out that I would chase this girl because I assumed my gut was correct. It was, even though it was not without some semblance of a fight. Finding your girl never really is though, right? We talked everyday since, and we got married on October, 9th 2010.


Facebook is one the most powerful enterprises that my generation has ever encountered. It’s members check their profiles countless times each day through their phones, work computers, and basically whenever they have a free second. It is the first icon on my Blackberrys home page bar. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to Facebook, because anyone who has an account is. At this point, it truly is all we know and is such a part of our lives that without it we would certainly be lost. How would we communicate? That my friends, is that strangest part of all. Would I be married today without a Facebook account? I am sure fate would have brought us together eventually, but, I’ll thank Mark Zuckerberg. #Retweet.




One thought on “The Social Network

  1. Sami says:

    I love you ❤

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